How to active google AdSense in WordPress website

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Activating Google AdSense on your WordPress website involves a few steps. Before you begin, make sure you have a Google AdSense account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the Google AdSense website.

Once you have your AdSense account ready, follow these steps to activate Google AdSense on your WordPress website:

  1. Log in to Your WordPress Dashboard:
  • Navigate to the admin area of your WordPress website by entering your website’s URL followed by “/wp-admin” (e.g.,
  • Enter your username and password to log in.
  1. Install a Google AdSense Plugin:
  • There are several plugins available for integrating Google AdSense with your WordPress site. One popular option is the “Ad Inserter” plugin. To install it:
    • In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Plugins” > “Add New.”
    • Search for “Ad Inserter” in the search bar.
    • Install and activate the plugin.
  1. Configure Ad Inserter:
  • After activating the Ad Inserter plugin, go to “Settings” > “Ad Inserter” in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Copy the AdSense ad code from your Google AdSense account (you can find this in the AdSense dashboard).
  • Paste the ad code into the appropriate Ad Inserter box based on where you want the ads to appear (e.g., before the content, after the content, in the sidebar, etc.).
  • Save your changes.
  1. Place AdSense Code in WordPress Theme:
  • Some WordPress themes allow you to add code directly to specific areas. Check your theme settings to see if there is an option to add code.
  • Alternatively, you can edit your theme files. However, be cautious and make a backup before editing theme files. Add the AdSense code where you want the ads to appear. Common areas include header.php, footer.php, and single.php.
  1. Wait for Approval:
  • Google AdSense requires approval for your website before ads start appearing. This process may take a few days, and Google will review your website to ensure it complies with their policies.
  1. Comply with Google AdSense Policies:
  • Ensure that your website complies with Google AdSense policies to avoid any issues. This includes having original and valuable content, adhering to privacy policies, and not engaging in prohibited activities.

Remember that Google AdSense has specific policies and guidelines that you must follow to maintain your account in good standing. Always read and understand these policies to ensure compliance and prevent any issues with your AdSense account.

Keep in mind that the steps mentioned here are based on the information available up to my last training cut-off in January 2022, and there might be updates or changes in the process. Always refer to the latest guidelines provided by Google AdSense for the most accurate information.

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